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Many 991 GT owners use their cars as intended on-track. The car from the factory is near perfect in its preperation as a road car suitable for high speed track work, apart from ocasionally in one particular area, noise.

The JCR Titanium Silenced Bolt-On Exhaust Tips are suitable for fitment to all 991 GT based cars and any centre exhaust section which utilises the factory 3-bolt flange arrangement and significantly cut exhaust volume. Perfect for either a preventative measure prior to a track day or as a quick fix to reduce levels if weather conditions change and the noise levels become marginal.

Easy Installation

Continuing the theme of our modular exhaust products our silenced tips are a quick-to-fit part, ideal for swapping out during a day at the track if the noise levels become a little marginal on the day. 10 minutes and some simple tools are all thats required.

No Compromise

The JCR Titanium Bolt-On Exhaust Tips are lighter than the OEM 991 GT3 / RS exhaust tips, this was a key goal during the design and manufacturing process to ensure that when installed there is no need to worry about extra loading on the factory / aftermarket silencer which is usually the case with heavy steel alternatives.

Cuts Volume

Our high quality bespoke made titanium silencers will not only last but also are highly effective at reducing exhaust volume. In testing we saw a consistent reduction of 4/5dB depending on the circuit and weather conditions. Often during a track day the 991 GT cars can pass the static noise tests without too many issues however can be very marginal on the drive-by noise limits once at WOT with valves open. This product allows customers to make a quick change to avoid the track event ending early and losing out on entry fee's and enjoyment during the day.

Key Features

  • 100% Titanium Construction
  • -0.06kg (0.13lbs) Weight Reduction vs OEM
  • Downturn Tips
  • Cuts 4/5B Drive By Noise
  • 63mm Internal Diameter


  • 997.1 GT3
  • 991.1 GT3 RS
  • 997.2 GT3
  • 997.2 GT3 RS
  • 997.2 GT3 RS 4.0
  • 991.1 GT3
  • 991.1 GT3 RS
  • 991.1 R
  • 991.2 GT3
  • 991.2 GT3 RS (NON OPF)


  • Compatible with all exhausts utilising the OEM style 3-bolt Exhaust Flange


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 Lead Times

  • JCR products are produced in batches, we aim to carry stock of all products however in the event that parts aren't in stock please allow approximately 30-60 business days after the point of ordering before your parts ship. For lead time estimates prior to ordering please contact us via the contact page

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