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As most, if not all owners of the Mk3 Focus RS fitted with optional Recaro shell seats will confirm, the seating position is unusually high. This compromised seating position severely impacts overall comfort levels, gives a less connected feel for the driver and as a result can take away from the overall enjoyment of driving. This is where JCR comes in with the JCR Focus RS SuperLow Seat Frames.

Why So High?

A little background as to why the optional Recaro seat is so high. When making a new variant, a manufacturer must submit and re-homologate any significant changes to the vehicle. One of the areas that all manufacturers will avoid, is resubmitting the car for full crash homologation due to the huge cost implications.

When homologating, the occupant hip point must be at a defined height within the car which must accommodate the 'average person'. This means that sat at the reference seating position, the driver must have a clear view of the road, be correctly constrained by the seat belt, and positioned in an optimum position for the airbags. Despite all this, if you offer a height adjustment mechanism, the lower and upper heights don’t have to comply with this regulation. Because the optional Recaro shell seat lacks height adjustment though, it has to sit at the crash reference point despite the fact a standard, height adjustable seat can go lower. If Ford had opted to lower the optional non height adjustable Recaro shell seat, they would be left with no choice but to resubmit the car for crash testing as the reference seating position would have changed.


For the bracket itself, we have carefully calculated the relevant strengths vs the standard Ford mounting and either matched or exceeded them. The mechanism itself are FIA approved Recaro supplied slide rails as supplied by for fitting of any of their own aftermarket seats. The JCR Focus RS SuperLow Seat Frame assembly will match the performance of the OEM and/or any aftermarket seat mounting kit offered by Recaro.

Adjustment - Adjustment - Adjustment

The JCR Focus RS SuperLow Seat Frame offer three positions of lowering for the optional Recaro shell seats, as follows.

  • 55mm Lower - Standard Base Rake
  • 55mm Lower - 7.5 Degrees Additional Base Rake
  • 20mm Lower - Standard Base Rake

Key Features

  • Triple Adjustment Seating Position
  • 100% Plug & Play Installation
  • Constructed Using Recaro Slide Rails
  • Satin Black OEM Finish
  • Installation Guide Included


  • Ford Mk3 Focus RS w/Optional Recaro Shell Seats


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      Sale price£695.00 GBP
      SUPER LOW SEAT FRAMES (CAR SET) (MK3) Sale price£695.00 GBP